About Lit Christmas Trees, LLC

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing an innovative and memorable holiday experience that goes beyond traditional decorations.

Lighting Up Christmas as a Family Business

Lit Christmas Trees traces it’s roots back 20 years as an innovative solution to a simple problem. Bill Reilly wanted an illuminated Christmas tree in his front yard, but he didn’t want the typical boring teepee of lights. He wanted something that looked like a tree with real limbs. An engineer by trade, he kept tinkering until had assembled a 12-foot tree and strung it with lights.

“I thought it looked kind of neat,” Bill said. But he knew his solution was a winner when his wife came home.

“That looks great!” she exclaimed.

“She has very high standards and impeccable taste so, I thought wow, I need to keep working on this.”

Since then Bill has continued to refine the Trees, adding different sizes, multiple color options and actually received a Patent for his unique design. Bill’s Trees have grown to be a staple of the Central Fl Christmas scene with over 200 trees in the small town of Ocala alone.

Our Journey

Founded on a passion for festive celebration and a knack for creativity, Lit Christmas Trees has grown from a small family business to a beloved holiday staple in numerous communities. We specialize in crafting extraordinary Christmas tree displays that captivate and delight. Our focus has always been on ease and convenience, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the season without any of the usual hassles.

Growing to Serve You Better

As we continue to expand our reach, we remain committed to the heritage of quality and innovation that has marked our journey. Each year, we explore new techniques and ideas to make our Christmas tree installations even more spectacular.

Contact Us!

Are you looking for unique and hassle-free Christmas lights and tree installations in your area? We are actively expanding and would love to hear from you! Contact us if you’re interested in bringing Lit Christmas Trees to your community. Let’s light up this holiday season together with a sparkle that only Lit Christmas Trees can provide!